(But not limited to)


-Wipe kitchen table, chairs, counters, outsides of cabinets, sink fixtures and countertop;

- Wash glass cabinets;

-Clean stove

- Clean microwave, toaster and coffeemaker inside and also outside;

- Clean outside of refrigerator, and dishwasher;

- Take care of the dishes in dishwasher;

- Vacuum or sweep the floor, and also mop;

- Take the dust away from the cabinets, fan, and baseboard

- Empty  trash,


- Wash mirrors;

- Sanitize wall tiles and tub fixtures;

- Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs, sinks, vanities, backsplashes and toilets;

- Dust/wipe window woodwork;

- Sanitize floor;

- Wash walls, vanity doors and sides;

- Change linen if requested;

- Vacuum ceiling fan;

-Empty trash.

Living – Dining room – Bedroom

- Vacuum or dust mop wood floors;

- Wash tile floors;

- Vacuum/dust drapes;

- Dust/wipe window woodwork;

- Dust/wipe ceiling fan;

- Wash mirrors, glass cabinets and doors;

- Dust cabinets, shelves, television, wall décor;

- Vacuum rugs, under furniture and upholstered furniture.


- Make bed (change linen if requested);

- Vacuum rugs, tile floors, dust mop wood floors;

- Dust bureaus, vanities, armoires-tops, doors side and feet;

- Dust/wipe baseboards;

- Dust/swipe window woodwork;

- Clean mirrors.

If there is anything not mentioned that you would like to be cleaned, please ask.

*Supplies included*