In deep cleaning we focus on what is out of sight, like cleaning behind refrigerators, washers, oven and dryers; scrubing baseboards; washing blinds; cleaning dirty windows and window sills, etc.

We generally require a deep cleaning prior to providing regular house cleaning and maid service. The results are immediately noticeable and the deep cleaning gives our team a good starting point as they begin maintaining your home, either weekly or biweekly.

How long does a Deep Cleaning take to complete?
There are several aspects that influence the time of a deep cleaning, some of this factors  includes: the size of the home; the overall condition of the property; whether or not pets are present in the home; and if there are any special "projects" that have been added at the client's request. Examples of "special projects" include: cleaning inside the refrigerator; hand-wiping interior contents of a china cabinet; cleaning excessively dirty blinds. Generally speaking, a deep cleaning may take between 3 to 8 hours for most homes.